Dirk van uffelen

During my 20 year career, I worked at various firms specialized in Learning & Development and Business Consulting. I feel grateful I was surrounded by great coaches, trainers, consultants and entrepreneurs. They taught me how to deliver a broad range of off-the-shelf services and inspired me to move in the direction of tailor made leadership programs. And that's exactly what I have been doing the last 10 years. I enjoy working with my clients and my favorite professional services firms:

Furthermore I am a partner and co-owner of Count & Cooper , a project delivery firm striving to make an impact in the construction industry and on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. In my role as partner, I lead the practice High Performing Teams that provides project teams and tender teams with team assessment, team development and consulting (ADC) services and tools.

The combination of running a business myself on the one hand and designing and delivering leaderships programs on the other hand, helps me to keep a focus on achieving concrete results.


Being open to opportunities and possibilities and seeing them for and co-creating them with others is my passion. My motto is "When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade". There is always positivity and something to learn from every situation. Sitting around waiting is not for me and I am a proactive person with a hands on mentality. Looking at a situation from a different perspective and working together provides entirely new support during work and can inspire a whole team, including me.

Within LeaderFit I am the program manager of the Inspiration & Power Program. During the Inspiration Modules, you will discover what moves you and where and how you would like to make an impact in your inner and outer world. And during the Power Modules you will be taught the knowledge and practical tools to really implement this in your life so you can achieve sustainable results. And while doing this, we will have tons of fun. With lemonade of course ;)


During my 47 year career at Rabobank, I learned and enjoyed building sustainable relationships with our clients. My clients and our management challenged me each and every day to discover what clients really needed on the short term but also on the long term. After buying our services, together with my team I made sure they got all the results and benefits they deserved and needed. And they were always welcome for just a cup of coffee to share stories and connect on a personal level. After my career at Rabobank I started at LeaderFit as a Senior Career Coach. The work I do know is surprisingly similar to my work at Rabobank, only this time they consult me on how to make the most out of their talents and careers. I feel truly blessed that I can continue to make impact on the lives of people.