The circumplex

A visual model for developing Constructive styles in individuals, managers, leaders, teams, and organizations

If you agree with the adage that "a picture's worth a thousand words," you'll understand the beauty of the Human Synergistics Circumplex.

With this practical visual device, you:

  • can 'see' the thinking and behavioral styles that are driving the performance of people and groups in your organization, as well as the organization itself.
  • have access to a common language that you can use to quantify and discuss individuals', teams', managers', and leaders' behavioral styles and approaches, as well as the culture of your organization.
  • have a foundation for developing your people, improving performance, and enriching your culture.

A ground-breaking innovation when it was developed more than 40 years ago, and regularly reviewed and refined since then, the Circumplex has been applied and endorsed by millions of clients around the world — a true testament to its validity, relevance, and value.